In the summer, the very nice restaurant Strömma Krog open where you can sit and eat while the boats lock in through stream channel. The example sentences come mainly from Swedish newspapers, magazines and novels. We are launching Armagnac, Sherry, Rome and Cider in our temporary range of 23 and 24 June. Seminar: Urban Ecosystems for Innovation, What Single in Animal Who Construpts The Structure? Seminars, Workshop and Film. Cliff baths are meters from the house. Haus Mit Charme am Göta Channel – Alles Insegriff! Björkik 7 km away. The cottage is well located for holidays in Roslagen. Drinking water from crane outdoors.

But also to benefit the local community where we live and work. Thirty years later, Achibald Campbell got permission to build a distillery, Small Isles Distillery, who produced a heavy smoky whiskey that resembled those made on Islay. In scarce sixty years, the remains of the abandoned distillery left, when two local landowners Robin Fletcher and Tony Riley-Smith decided to rebuild it and combine their love for whiskey and the glance of Jura’s decreasing population there were just over people left on the island at the the time.

Said and done, the production was running again, one baptized the distillery to Jura and produced a much brighter, fresher whiskey than before. Today, more and more smoky whiskey are manufactured on Jura. It is said that the water used to Jura was blessed by the Irish Saint St. Columba on the speech, and that the Jagavattnet cures diseases and extends life. If there is some truth in it lets we be unsaid.

But now it is ONE FOR THE ROAD that has been launched. The ambassador Willie Cochrane does not say it himself, but he has won over ten awards during his career and has itself received several thousand visitors from large parts of the world, all of which are interested in the distillery on Jura where quality and commitment are the key words behind the craft and production of the whiskey barrel. During the autumn, he launched an extensive Europatury to thank for its long time in the company.

Stockholm and Sweden became Willie Cochrane’s last stop during that tour. When I now have the opportunity I can not imagine a better way to give back than to leave a last impression – in the form of One for The Road, says Wille Cochrane.

Do you go in the thoughts to start dating as a parent? The step of meeting some partner other than the one you became a parent with is big. Starting dating as a parent can feel difficult and it is not always easy to release someone on life when there are children in the picture.

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