But it is clear that you have to take into account how the other person feels about showing tenderness public, some have no problems at all with it while some think it is really joking.

To ignore his date is never a good idea, if you are on a date deserving your full attention and it applies to both men and women. Today, for example, it is not a good idea to start holding on with his phone while being at the date. To start talking to the waiter about old dates you have been to that place where you are, is definitely a bad idea. At all talking about old dates and conditions is something that you really should not do, and certainly not on a first date. You should of course be pleasant to the staff, but it can give a strange impression if you are nicer towards the staff than to their date.

As a woman, you should not talk about those where boring things like clothes and other women’s ries, one should only talk about what even the date is interested in no matter how interested one is of it. So it was at least in the past, but nowadays, it is important for both to think that not only talk about things that one is interested in, but listen to the other and also ask questions. If one himself has a special interest and you notice that the other date does not know so much if it alternatively is not so interested, you can of course talk about it but just sit and talk about yourself and their own interests during an everything too long Time is no good tip. This applies when both keys, both women and men must think of actually bringing a conversation with the other person and not just a monologue about himself.

If the date is at a restaurant or at a bar, there is a risk that one himself or even dates drink too much alcohol and get a little too full, maybe because you are nervous or perhaps for some other reason. There is nothing wrong with drinking alcohol on a date, but a glass is usually enough. You should definitely not be so full that you fuse in any case! It is a tip that is as true now as then that one should be moderate with the alcohol. But it is at least as much for men who for women, men can generally drink more without being affected but it does not mean that men should not take it easy if they are at date.

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