The online dating is a popular, efficient and smooth way to deduct. Here we guide you through the internet dating jungle and come with tips and suggestions on how you can easily find the love online! We write about the most popular online dating sites and tips on new ways to meet the right thing over the network. The online dating started as a phenomenon in Sweden in 2000 and has since only grown in scope and size. Today, it is not only young people who engage in online dating and there are many specific dating sites that focus on different age groups and special interests.

The “matchmaking”, that is, matching interests, age and so on can go to in a little different ways of dating sites,, for example, uses a matchmaking model based on the latest in relation research, this test begins all new members With fill in. Thanks to the profile that is created, based on your answers and gives you the best conditions for finding a partner that suits you! Edarling is also a serious online dating site that uses just matchmaking to match singles.

The date is becoming increasingly accessible. Start the phone and sweep some that you think attractive to the right. Harder doesn’t need it. You create your own profile in a few clicks using Facebook and then you are running. Dating in the mobile is easier than ever and perhaps also more shallow than ever? We follow the development with excitement and, of course, writes about the latest trends.

More and more people have switched to completely using phones instead of computers and thus become dating sites (or their mobile-adapted website) increasingly important. Some online dating sites do not even have a regular website but refer to their app.

In this category, it is of course not to avoid mentioning tinder who was the app that really got a great impact; Both internationally but also in Sweden. But you should not forget the more classic online dating sites that also often have good mobile apps, such as or elitings. Here, online dating presents that only has mobile apps, or in any case a strong focus on their mobile apps.

Do you also think it is embarrassing fun to look at the dating programs on TV? Maybe you get tips on how you (or not) can behave on a first date in the popular “first date” on SVT? Shame cushion compatible “secret admirers” on Viasat is perhaps the most extreme. Other favorites in DatingTeve, the immense popular “farmer is looking for wife” and “married at first sight”.

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